Day 1 of Buy Nothing Year

Well  it’s been less than 24 hours since deciding to Buy Nothing for a year and already I’ve thought of two things to buy! And I thought this would be easy.

It’s amazing how many purchases you might make or think of making without even being aware of it.

What were my two things?

My doctor recommended a book to me. She told me how much it costs and where I can buy it. I said ‘Or I might be able to get it from the library’. But she said it’s quite hard to find in a library and others have struggled. I will try anyway. It may take some time and effort, but it will still be less than the time and effort I would spend earning the money, buying the book, putting the book away and moving it around, and then finally selling/donating it. We’ll see how we go hunting a copy down.

I tended to my pot plants at work today. A co-worker gifted me one of them and it’s been sitting in the pot and plastic bag it came in for some time now. I also have a pot plant at home that’s too big for its pot. My plan was to repot the plant at home into a new, larger pot, then take the old pot to work to pot up the ‘homeless’ plant. What will become of the poor plant now that I can’t buy anything?

I’ll just have to make do with what I already have. I’ll dig out an old plastic pot and see if I can decorate it by upcycling something. I have plenty of scrap fabric, including hessian. I’ll seek online inspiration and instruction on the next rainy day. Maybe something like this:


Do you have any ideas?


Edit: Shortly after posting this, I browsed my facebook newsfeed and saw this article on expanding origami plant pots. You can use the same pot while your plant grows. Brilliant!


16 thoughts on “Day 1 of Buy Nothing Year

    1. I thought my Buy Nothing New Year would be really, impossibly hard. It was actually inspired by the official Buy Nothing New Month (October), and when I first heard of that I thought it would be nearly impossible to go a whole month of only secondhand purchases. I can assure you it sounds harder than it actually is 🙂

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  1. In the same vein as “no spend year” I’m halfway through a “say yes to everything day” — hope it works out for both of us. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


  2. Buy nothing! Oh my . what a challenge! Good luck! Looks like your starting tomorrow now!
    I do like those little fabric baskets. I’ve made some before – but mine were a little slouchy. They would stand nicely with hessian though.


    1. Ah yes, I’m worried my hessian is too thin and it just won’t look like the pretty pictures on the internet. But I do have some leftover wallpaper glue that could stiffen it, or I have loads of denim that I could use to line the inside of the bags and stiffen them that way. Only problem is I can’t sew… that could be a whole blog post of its own!

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    1. Thanks! I’m in Australia but we have freecycle and wwoof too. I use freecycle A LOT 🙂 but this challenge is more about not acquiring more stuff rather than saving money. I’ll explain it all in my next post 🙂


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