A new thing

Hubby bought a chest freezer today and I’m so happy with it. I do feel like I’m cheating though. It’s silly to have purchase guilt over this when it fits within the rules.

The freezer counts as a pet purchase and furniture, both allowed, and was bought second hand. We’d been talking about getting one for a while. We have a large dog who eats a lot. We’ve been struggling to fit all her food into our tiny freezer in the fridge. With a chest freezer, we can bulk buy meat when we find it cheap, and not have the fortnightly stress of running out of food for her. It will make life so much easier!


So why the guilt? Maybe it feels like the challenge has been to easy so far, because there are exceptions in the rules.

International Buy Nothing New Month is only a couple of months away (October). I think I might up the challenge and try to acquire absolutely nothing in October.

No exceptions. No gifts, no furniture, no dog stuff, no nothing. Only fresh produce like fruit, veg, bread and milk (and dog food). I have enough toiletries and pantry supplies to last a month.

The biggest challenge will be avoiding eating out – am I ready for that?


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