Beautiful Blogger Award

I was pleasantly surprised to find All Round Better Me nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award!


This is how it works: link the blogger who nominated you; list seven random things about yourself; nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers; notify the people that you nominate.

I’m going to be a party pooper and not nominate anyone. I don’t think I even know 7 bloggers in total!

But being new on the blogging scene, I’ll gadly introduce myself with 7 random facts. Here goes….

  1. I have a beautiful rescue dog called Sophie who is currently snoring on her bed, snuggled up in her hoodie (it’s a cold night).
  2. I have a hubby, whom I married nearly 2 years ago. Let’s not tell him that he came second on this list, shall we? Love you….
  3. I used to go out bush and study wildlife for a living.
  4. I’ve been decluttering for the last couple of years and aspire to creating a minimalist home.
  5. I’m a hoarder (reformed?).
  6. I live to eat. I also travel to eat. I like to eat.
  7. My favourite kind of movie is animated, but I prefer to read.

I think I might go eat something now….


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