I’ve decided to track the items entering and leaving my home during Buy Nothing Year.

I’ll include the more ‘permanent’ items that are allowed and not allowed in the rules. I won’t include things that are solely hubby’s decision, consumables or rubbish. I’ll only include outgoing items once I’ve actually rehomed them – placing them in my decluttering box is not enough.

If I do the Buy Nothing Year challenge well, I should end up with a very short list of incoming not-allowed things, and an outgoing list that is at least three times as long (but hopefully much, much longer).


In: toy stegosaurus $0

In: plastic ice cream container to use as food scrap bin for worm farm $0

In: chest freezer (pet purchase and furniture) $?

In: elephant keychain (planned gift) $0

In: 2x children’s books (planned gift but then didn’t attend party) $10.90

Out: 2x pairs tights

Out: book ‘The Woman Who Fell From the Sky’ – Jennifer Steil


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