Shopping list

This is where I will note down all the things that spring to mind as something I ‘need’ during Buy Nothing Year.

I’m really interested to see how many things end up on this list, and how many things I’ll end up crossing off the list as the year goes on.

The idea is that after Buy Nothing Year (22 July 2016), I will re-evaluate the list and, if I still think I need the item – if it will really make my life better, I’ll go out and get it. I’ll aim to buy secondhand first and only buy brand new as a last resort.

I think I might note down the dates when I add things to the list to see if my consumerist thoughts reduce or increase throughout the year. Maybe more will be added as I run out of things or they break? Or maybe I’ll be so pleased with my new minimalist lifestyle that I’ll add less and less, until one day I cross out the entire list and decide to build a tiny house.

So here’s my list:

  1. Black work pants (one pair) – I’ve been thinking I need these long before Buy Nothing Year started. They can wait a little longer. I already own one pair but I’ve recently lost a little weight and now I look like a freak, always pulling my wrinkly pants up.
  2. Second pair skinny blue jeans – Same reason as above. The “skinny” jeans I have now are quite baggy. Just a week before Buy Nothing Year I bought some black skinny jeans. I also own a pair of bootcut blue jeans that are so long they can only be worn with heels. I feel like a pair of (actually) skinny blue jeans would make my wardrobe more versatile.
  3. Salt and pepper grinders (second set) – I’ve been thinking about this one since November 2014 when I returned from my honeymoon with some Cambodian peppercorns of two varieties. We already have one grinder set, but I don’t want to mix the black and white pepper together. We also have pink and white rock salt. I told myself I would use the mortar and pestle to grind the white pepper and pink salt but this has happened only once.
  4. Clothes pegs – I just keep having more laundry than pegs, and this will only get worse as pegs break (17 Aug 2015).
  5. A crop jacket/blazer – I spent way to long this morning trying to dress professionally for a conference and still stay warm. The two blazers I have now are just too big and bulky for any of my dresses, and I couldn’t even find a cardigan that would suit (10 Sep 2015).
  6. A camera – my god do I miss talking photos! It’s been a few years since my point and click died and there is a noticeable lack of photos since then. I still have a DSLR but I want something that will live in my handbag and be ready to snap any moment of my life – a phone just doesn’t cut it (10 Sep 2015).

What will make the list next?

What do you think?
How would your behaviour change if you tried to buy nothing for a year?


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